Monitoring of Calls, project development

An international initiative or cross-border project proposal can only be developed into a successfully funded project if sufficient expertise and time are available. 

The external service covers the following areas:  monitoring and following-up the actual calls for proposals, development of the cross-border project initiative/proposal in accordance with the framework of the relevant funding structure, elaboration of the project activities. Furthermore, relying on my wide contacts and relations I can assure the involvement of the appropriate foreign project partners

Project development includes:

  • developing the complex plans of the project initiative,
  • compiling the complete application,
  • planning and coordinating the partnership,
  • compiling the optimal action plan, timetable, and the budget,
  • submitting and following-up the final application.

Roland Molnár

Interreg project development consultant, project manager

Address: H-9700 Szombathely, Hungary

Mobil: +36-30-222-1948


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