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Further information on the projects listed below and the services provided is only possible upon direct request; with the approval of with my clients (the data listed below are available either through public databases or homepages):

Austria-Hungary operational programme for the 2007-2013


(Preparation and Establishment of a cross border premium hiking trail from Kőszeg to Semmering and in the region of Joglland Waldheimat)

Total budget: 2.238.101 EUR

Project duration: 2008.07.01. – 2012.09.30.

Regionet aktív

(Establishment of a coherent system of Enterprises on micro regional, supra regional and cross border level between Burgenland, County of Győr-Moson-Sopron, Lower Austria)

Total budget: 2.890.000 EUR

Project duration: 2008.10.01. – 2013.06.30.


(Development and Establishment of the network between all of nature and national parks in Burgenland and the West Pannonian area)

Total budget: 1.940.000 EUR

Project duration: 2008.07.01. – 2014.08.31.


(Creative added value chain: Promotion of the Enterprises and players of the creative industry along the Austrian Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 588.044 EUR

Project duration: 2013.01.01. – 2014.12.31.


(Multilingual education in Agendorf and Draßburg)

Total budget: 403.684 EUR

Project duration: 2012.10.01. – 2015.01.31.


(Cycling without borders)

Total budget: 969.846 EUR

Project duration: 2012.07.01. – 2015.03.31.

Programme INTERREG V-A Austria – Hungary


(Development and optimalisation of sustainable nature tourism offers in the network of the nature and national parks in the West Pannonian area)

Total budget: 2.741.830 EUR

Project duration: 2016.05.01. – 2020.10.31.

REGIONET Competitive

(Strengthening of the international competitiveness of the SMEs through setting up the bilateral system of regional enterprise initiatives)

Total budget: 1.999.300 EUR

Project duration: 2017.02.01. – 2019.07.31.


(Development of a common cross border offer for the cycling regions along the Austrian Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 1.185.839,83 EUR

Project duration: 2018.01.01. – 2020.12.31.


(Common development and exploitation of a historic and archaeological offer in the Austrian Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 602.340 EUR

Project duration: 2019.06.01. – 2021.11.30.

Alpannonia plus

(Optimalisation of the premium hiking trail from the Alps to Pannonia)

Total budget: 1.864.129,23 EUR

Project duration: 2017.01.01. – 2020.06.30.


(Supporting business creation and strengthening regional innovation capacities with training, mentoring and building a cross-border start-up community)

Total budget: 1.042.366,25 EUR

Project duration: 2018.01.01. – 2020.06.30.


(Women Enhancing Public Sector)

Total budget: 840.000 EUR

Project duration: 2019.03.01. – 2022.02.28.

Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Hungary

Green Exercise

(Development of active touristic offers for increasing the awareness level of the cultural and natural heritage Entwicklung in the Slovenian Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 1.038.025,04 EUR

Project duration: 2016.08.01. – 2019.07.31.


(Complex visitor guide system, tourism promotion and cross-border road access in the Slovenian Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 2.003.740,52 EUR

Project duration: 2017.09.01. – 2020.08.31.


(Creating of a common cycling destination for the integration of the border region)

Total budget: 2.291.423 EUR

Project duration: 2017.08.15. – 2020.08.14.


(Strategic institutional cooperation for coherent utilization of the project results along the Slovenian-Hungarian border region)

Total budget: 340.000 EUR

Project duration: 2020.03.01. – 2022.02.28.

Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020


(Bridging the Danube Protected Areas towards a Danube Habitat Corridor)

Total budget: 3.302.916,49 EUR

Project duration: 2017.01.01. – 2019.11.30.

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